Hostile Avoidance - Feel The Raw Naked Podudarna Of The Road.


There are many companies

There is so good that there are so many types of work that we can do and that we can be able to work with. Sometimes its just hard to figure out what it is that we want to do. What do I want to work with? Is it with something that I like to have as a hobby or is it something that I don't have as a hobby. So prefer to work with something that they don't need to think to much about, but others like to have a lot to think about. Because the job gets to ...

PFO tracking

When you think about tracking systems and tracking environments one often think about PFO as a company that knows and have the knowledge to adapt these systems to the reality. Maybe you haven't heard about PFO before but Google it and you´ll see what that is all about. They once did a campaign with Nestle and KitKAt with a GPS tracker inside and that created a fuzz because everybody wanted to win that competition so the selling of the KitKats really raised. There is a lot of interesting companies out there.